20 Minutes with A Balloon

Learn a hilarious show you can carry in your pocket!
Item# : DVD59
Learn a hilarious twenty-minute show you can carry in your shirt pocket! Take two kids, a balloon or two, a mouth coil, and the routine on this video tape, and you can entertain a family audience for a full twenty minutes. This has to be the ultimate minimalist act, and it’s stuff that you can do right away. You don’t need to practice for two years to be able to entertain, and that’s what this tape is all about - entertainment. All you need is Twenty Minutes with a Balloon by Docc Hilford. This isn’t an idea for a routine it’s a proven act that Docc has performed for hundreds of paying audiences. The audience at the public show at a Wizard’s Weekend roared while Docc did this act. This act is suitable for any family entertainer. This act has comedy, magic, surprises, and audience participation - what more could you want? Why lug all of those heavy cases around, when you can carry this entire act in a shirt pocket!?! This video is just $55.00. You’ll make back your investment with just one show using this act.