Bizarre! Tony Andruzzi's Video Masterpiece

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You can own the first and best in Bizarre Magick! The late and much loved Tony Andruzzi was a man to whom magic owes much. In addition to his previous life as Tom Palmer, during which he published many wonderful effects, he was the editor of The New Invocation, a journal dedicated to strange and bizarre illusions. What was strange about Tony’s magick was that he blessed each effect with a story that involved the audience and justified every part of the effect. Tony was also the first person to produce a video that showed the world that Bizarre Magick was a practical, viable form of entertainment, Bizarre! His ability to spin a tale and chill an audience’s guts was well known, but nobody really believed that he could do magick at a cocktail party, a reading, or a cookout; until he produced Bizarre!, the world’s first and best bizarre video. Bizarre! was shot both in the studio and on location at Casa Flora, high in the mountain desert. On this wonderful, hour-long video, you’ll see Tony’s favorite pieces of mayhem, including: The Coffin Nail, Sympathetic Sorcery, the infamous Daemon Dirt, The Jewels of Hathor, and more. If you didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Tony, this video is the best way to meet him. It’s like having Tony back to give you a private lesson in effective and affective magickal performance. Following the performance segment of the tape, Tony describes the complete workings of each effect to Richard Webster. Available only on DVD.
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