Cinderella Act - A New Mental Act and Method

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Wow them with a new mental act and method. Docc Hilford’s Cinderella Act, a new video that shows you how to perform psychic entertainment at any gathering of girls or ladies, is an amazing concept. Docc developed this specifically for Sweet Sixteen parties of the type celebrated at country clubs and resorts. It is equally good for ladies’ clubs or organizational luncheons. The ladies not only have personal details revealed and questions answered, they all get to listen to each other’s secrets! While the methodology is very clever and bulletproof, the key here is the entertainment value and the impact on the audience. This is Docc at his best, giving you an easy-to-perform complete act that you can learn quickly and sell easily. More than just a clever idea to market mentalism, you also get a new way to obtain information. Docc’s Cinderella Act is being produced in a limited edition, and sells for $95.00.
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