Close-Up Mentalism of Richard Webster

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You are no doubt already familiar with Richard through his many books, his first video release, and the many audio tapes of ours on which he appears. On this landmark video, The Close-Up Mentalism of Richard Webster, Richard teaches you a complete close-up mentalism routine. The routine is performed with completely innocent props, such as blank business cards, an un-gaffed Tarot deck, colored markers, a small silk, and small pieces of paper. During the routine, a dunked witch vanishes, a completely random and fair choice of a zodiac sign is predicted, the colors of an individual’s aura are revealed in a fascinating manner -- all this and much more! Many of the effects can be adapted to any style of presentation and any venue, including trade shows! The explanatory portion of the tape is one of the clearest and easiest to understand sequences ever put on tape, thanks to the extensive use of close-ups. You don’t have to wonder what he is talking about -- you can see every move and preparation. This tape makes it a pleasure to learn! You’ll also see excerpts from a television appearance by Richard. This wonderful video is available now for just $55.00.
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