Docc's Paper Rose

Change your life with a cocktail napkin!
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Item# : DVD09
In about ten minutes, this private video lesson will teach you Docc Hilford’s impromptu method for making a paper rose, complete with a leaf, from an ordinary cocktail napkin. This is the same bit of business used by pros around the world to upgrade from Coach to First Class, receive superlative service in hotels and restaurants, and generally charm any lady, anywhere. Our friend Richard Webster used it to save a cruise ship gig, when he discovered that none of his audience could speak English, and he could speak no Chinese! This is not a trick, but rather one of the most delightful bits of business around. As Docc Hilford tells it, he was initiated into the art in Paris... Texas, that is. He has taken this simple (when you know how) bit of business, and turned it into something of a trademark. As with any great bit of business, there is more to it than just knowing how to do it - you need the correct presentation. Without the right shtick, you’re just juggling a piece of paper! On this video, Docc shows you how he does it, giving you the kind of input you need to devise your own presentation. This is not a trick or a mental miracle. It is not a cure for cancer. It is one of the most charming bits of business that you can add to your repertoire.
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