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Imagine yourself performing a fast-paced mental show that grabs the audience and holds their attention. If you want to be working comedy clubs, night clubs, or the corporate circuit, this astounding act fills the bill. It is the act that Docc Hilford is working around the country. Although based on a Q&A act, the act was designed from the ground up for a 90’s audience. The late Bascom Jones said that this is the one true way to do a Q&A act! Richard Webster says "This act should sell for $1000.00. There’s a living here for the wise performer." If you want to have an act that can be carried in one hand, requires no pre-show work or impression devices of any kind, produces startling hits and completely sells the audience on your abilities as a mind reader, you want this act. Docc is invariably mobbed by men and women seeking readings after he does this act. Both comedy and drama are built in to the act. You will encounter no surprise questions. From beginning to end, you are in complete control. The Perfect Mental Club Act revolutionizes the mental act, and makes it something people will really want to see. It is commercial in the true sense of the word - people will pay to see it and like what they see. You’ll see Docc in performance, plus a complete tutorial. The entire act is built around three primary components, and you can carry the whole act in a portfolio. This video, which teaches you the entire act, is just $150.00, which is entirely too cheap. That may be why the edition is almost sold out. It is being released in a strictly limited edition, so order your copy before it’s too late!
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