Dr. Otto's Magic Workshop

Bizarre magick class for kids!
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Terry Parrett is one of our favorite performers, and a sweetheart to boot. He and Jen always lit up our conferences, and his sessions were always favorites because of his professional approach to making more money as a performer. His techniques have worked for everyone who has used themùwhat more can I say? While Terry was here last year, we taped a performance of his new Bizarre magic workshop for kids, Dr. Otto's Magic Workshop. Terry is always concerned with ways to own his markets and get top dollar for his shows, and that is why he markets himself the way he explains on this tape. You'll learn all of the tricks and stunts that he teaches in the 30+ minutes of the show, and you'll learn the rationale behind the workshop. You'll see a complete workshop, plus crystal-clear explanations of the why and how of making workshops work for you and the kids. Mark Strivings sits in for you during the explanation section, asking the questions you would have asked had you been there. Order Dr. Otto’s Magic Workshop today, and thank us tomorrow!
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