Faster Than A Speeding Billet

Learn to use mentalism's strongest tool!
Item# : DVD40
Why don’t more people use billets? Considering that the switching of billets was the cornerstone of so many mentalism careers, why aren’t more people using these techniques? The answer is easy - they’re afraid of being caught reading the information. Any clod can switch two pieces of paper, but most people freeze up when it comes time to read what the spectator has written. Fear no more. Docc Hilford and Ian Ross are coming to the rescue. On this brand new Flora & Company video, Faster Than A Speeding Billet!, you’ll see not only how to do bare-handed switches, you’ll also see how and when to read the slips. You’ll also learn four complete routines using billets. These routines are designed to take the heat off of you and the paper slip, and are plot based. In short, they are designed to entertain, and not just regurgitate dates, words, and phone numbers. Faster Than A Speeding Billet is the only tape of its kind, and it is just $55.00. Order your copy today.
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