Gentlemen, Start Your Audiences!

Comedy warm-ups for kids!
Item# : DVD41
There are reasons why television programs warm up their audiences. The warm-up gets the audience in the right frame of mind for the show, and puts them at ease. These are the same reasons why the pros in the magic biz use warm-up effects at the beginning of their shows. On this essential video, you’ll see Docc perform his favorite warm-ups for kids. These are extended comedy routines that get the show off on the right foot, and let the kids have fun from the very beginning of the show. You’ll also sit in on a discussion of the why’s and wherefore’s of comedy warm-ups for kids. The warm-up can make or break your show. Of special concern for kid shows is the establishment of performer control and rapport. If you want to learn some of the best warm-ups around, and learn how to develop your own, you’ll love this video. Gentlemen, Start Your Audiences! is just $55.00.
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