Harley Newman on Escapes

Item# : DVD24
Here is the real work on rope escapes! Harley Newman is one of our favorite guys. He is billed as a Professional Lunatic, and this is one case where the billing doesn’t lie. He eats fire, walks on the sharp edges of swords, has cinderblocks broken on his chest while he lays on a bed of nails, and that’s just his warm-up! The climax to the show that he performs at colleges and festivals here and in Europe is a killer escape - you have to see it to believe it. We were lucky to be able to tape his escape lecture, and he has agreed to make it available to the trade as a Flora & Company exclusive! The first part of the tape deals with how to make an escape entertaining and engaging. His degrees in psychology show here - he knows how to hit the emotional hot buttons of an audience and get them where they live. He also bursts a few bubbles about some famous escapologists along the way. This is incredibly valuable stuff for anyone who wants to know how to frame a routine involving danger. Then, he shows you how he escapes from twenty feet of rope tied around his wrists. There is no gaffed rope, no stooges, and the audience committee can do their best to tie you up with as many twists and knots as they care to add. This is the real work, and something you won’t find anywhere else. Lay audiences are fascinated by escapes, especially if there is no trickery or monkey business in the presentation. This kind of routine gets them in their guts, and will be remembered long after the Hippity- Hoppity Gerbils are forgotten.
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