How to Build and Perform Punch & Judy

Item# : DVD18
Doc Dougherty called and said that watching our new Punch and Judy video was "like watching The Bizarre Discovery Channel - very entertaining." This tape shows you everything you need to know about this wonderful specialty act. We show you how to make the puppets, how to make a portable punch booth, and how to script your own original show. We show you what a swazzle is, and where to throw it away (purists beware!). You’ll even learn some of the secrets of Tony Andruzzi’s Bizarre Punch and Judy Show! We have included a full list of all materials needed. We built our entire outfit, including puppets, props, and stand, for less than $150.00. We are hardly trained sculptors, but our puppets have been raved about, and we’ll show you how to make your very own set for just a few bucks. While appreciating and maintaining much of the traditional P&J presentation, we don’t approach the show from the perspective of historical preservation. Rather, we prefer to adapt it to our needs, and we show you how to do that too. The whole premise is too much fun to get stodgy and stuffy about it! How to Build and Perform A Punch and Judy Show is just $55.00.
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