How to Do Gemstone Readings

Beautiful readings your clients will love!
Item# : DVD21
Learn how to do the most visual and contemporary style of reading from Richard Webster. A few years ago, Richard published a book by Hobrin of England on gemstone reading. The book was a great hit, but Richard and we have found few people actually doing these readings. Now you can see exactly how they work, and learn how to do them from the master, Richard Webster. On this video, Richard does a gemstone reading for a lay person. You can see the impact on her as the reading progresses, and how the tactile and visual qualities of the beautiful stones enhance a cold reading. Richard also tells you where to get the stones, how to lay them out, and how to structure your readings for consistency and effectiveness. This kind of reading will be a stand-out at any venue where readings are done. The How to Do Gemstone Readings video with Richard Webster is just $55.00.
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