How to Get More From Your Magic

Simple props - amazing shows!
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Mark Strivings is an incredibly clever guy. His Mark Strivings Goes to Daycare is a classic in the field of family entertainment. During his recent visit, he left in his wake a brand new tape: How to Get More From Your Magic. Mark is committed to minimalism - getting more entertainment from few props. On this new video, you’ll see a school program, and then Mark explains how he got so much audience pleasing content from such simple props. This is more than a matter of a few lines or bits of business. It’s a routining and performing philosophy that will help you get better response from your audiences, lighten your cases, and get more return gigs. Regardless of the type of performer you are, this tape will help you. How to Get More From Your Magic costs just $55.00. If you are a working performer, this tape will pay back the small investment in spades.
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