How to Perform Impromptu Levitations

Float in the air - anytime, anywhere!
Item# : DVD36
Float in the air, anytime, anywhere! Let’s face it: the lay people love levitations. I love levitations. I think that Copperfield’s Flying is one of the most beautiful things ever done in the name of magic. Even if they think that wires or forklifts are involved, people are willing to suspend their disbelief and enjoy the illusion. In typical fashion, Docc has applied his genius to cut through the crap and bring you the real work on not one but seven impromptu levitations. HereÆs what you get on How to Perform Impromptu Levitations: 1. The Better Balducci -An improvement that adds new height to the levitation credited to Ed Balducci, and complete instructions from a guy who has been doing this for years. 2. Andruzzi Ascending - You can rise in the center of any room, with spectators watching from both the front and the rear! 3. Maskelyn’s Barstool - An easy method of sitting 2 feet above any barstool. 4. Dracula Rising - Float 6 to 10 inches above the floor facing the audience. 5. Spirit in the Sky - During a s?ance, your hands and feet are held by spectators, and you fly to the ceiling and around the room. 6. Rue Morgue - An assistant lies on the floor while covered by a sheet. He floats 10 to 12 inches off the floor without any props. 7. Lighter Than Air - A spectator becomes so light he is lifted by the fingertips of 4 other spectators and then begins to float away. None of these levitations require any special venue set-up. They are truly impromptu. Not only will you see Docc do these, you’ll see less experienced performers do them as well, just to show you how easy they really are. How to Perform Impromptu Levitations is just $55.00. That’s less than eight bucks per levitation!
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