Is That A Pencil In Your Pocket, Or...

Item# : DVD82
Mark Strivings is incredibly clever and his mental effects are killer. The way he can take a concept and use it to make a living is legendary. His newest release is about pocket writing, and it is a must-have. There are many techniques for pocket writing, and most of them are horrible. As with many techniques, many people think that knowing what a term means is the same as being able to do it invisibly, and that just is not so! The correct technique, as taught by Mark, is incredibly simple and straight forward. The range of effects that can be accomplished using it is huge, from lottery predictions to thought duplication and way beyond. This is a beautiful and little-used method for miracles. The wonderful thing about a practical technique like this is that the sky is the limit when it comes to inventing your own effects. Here is the tool, demonstrated and extensively explained, along with a few mind-stretching effects. You can take it from there and make your reputation. Mark's technique can be used close-up or on a stage, live or on television, all with the same mind-boggling effect on the audience. You won't believe the things you can do with this DVD and a dollar's worth of supplies. This one is a keeper!
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