Killer Mentalism with Ordinary Cards

Item# : DVD12
Docc Hilford has done it again. This new video is based on his acclaimed lecture, during which he wows even the most jaded magicians with killer mental effects, all accomplished using ordinary decks of cards. These routines have been designed so that ESP decks and specially printed cards are not necessary. On this video you will learn four complete mental routines, see how Docc uses the cards, and get Docc’s insights on how to make mental effects both mystifying and entertaining. If you own any of Docc’s other tapes, you know that he always delivers the real work. You also know that the fact that he actually performs his effects makes it easy for you to learn. If you want to add deviously clever routines to your repertoire, as well as get the benefit of Docc’s crystal clear thinking, you’ll be delighted with this tape. Killer Mentalism With Ordinary Cards is just $55.00.
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