Make Fur Animals Look Really Alive!

Rocky Raccoon lives!
Item# : DVD43
Bring dead animals back to life! Well, not really. This new video by Bev Dowling will show you how to make fur animals, like the popular raccoon, the little white fur mouse, and even fur puppets from the toy store, look like they are really alive. The instructions that come with these beasts are woefully inadequate. It’s impossible to teach the timing and types of moves in print. You’ll see segments of Bev’s sell-out lecture, plus you’ll get to sit in with Docc Hilford and Bev in a private convention lesson on re-animation. You’ll also get more ideas on how to integrate your favorite beast into your act from Brian. When you see Bev work her fur puppets you would swear that they are really alive, and she teaches you her secrets on How to Make Fur Animals Look Really Alive. Order yours today for just $55.00, and start having more fun than is legal in twenty-nine States.
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