Professional Theatrics for Magicians

Look, act and sound like a stage professional!
Item# : DVD50
If you buy just one tape, please make it this one. If you’re like me, and I know that I am, you have seen some simply awful performances by people who are taking money for their shows. You have seen terrible performances at club functions and conventions. For some reason, they think that they can just shlep around the stage, and impress an audience enough to establish some rapport. They are wrong. Our dear friend, the late Bascom Jones, called me one night just before he went into the hospital, and talked about his wish list for videos that he thought we should produce. One of these was a tape for all types of magical and mental performers that would teach them how to look, act, and sound like professionals when they performed. That’s why we produced Professional Theatrics for Magicians, by actor/director Michael Blum. If used, the techniques on this tape will give you the physical and vocal presence and confidence of a pro. We guarantee it. Michael has gotten raves about the workshops he has conducted at our conferences. He brings a new and professional point of view to what we do and the way we do it. He shares his techniques on this video. This essential tape is just $55.00. Order your copy today.