Real Mind Reading

Item# : DVD52
The mindreading demonstrations that Docc teaches you on this new video are so real that you’ll be believing them yourself. This is an incredible suite of three effects, designed to be presented in an intimate close-up environment, such as a living room or after a good meal. This is Real Mind Reading. With no phony psychobabble or mentalistic posing, Docc reads a person’s mind not once but three times. He ascertains a playing card that is merely thought of (no deck used, not the AS). He receives a word projected from the person’s mind. Last, he psychically duplicates a picture drawn by the person. Yes, there are other methods for these effects, but not that can be used close-up, surrounded, and in close succession with the same person. This is not just a set of effects. This is a carefully orchestrated suite of killer demonstrations that will make the reputations of those who use them. Want to impress a client or prospect? Want to seal that new trade show deal? Want to never be at a loss again when someone wants a demonstration of what you can do? This tape is the answer. It’s astounding that material of this caliber can be made available so inexpensively, but it is. This is a limited edition tape, but you can have your own copy of Real Mind Reading for just $55.00.
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