Son of Killer Mentalism with Ordinary Cards

A new method of doing card miracles!
Item# : DVD56
Docc Hilford has done it again. Son of Killer Mentalism with Ordinary Cards is the sequel to his hit video on doing mentalism with a deck of ordinary cards, and it is a doozy. First, it is not a show and tell format video. The entire video is a class taught by Docc just for you. Yes, he shows you the effect, but just to you, and then teaches you how to do it. Docc has created a new way of using an ordinary deck that makes it possible for you to do miracles that will make your audiences believe in magick. You get a whole selection of original effects using this new method, with crystal- clear explanations. If you like Docc’s original material, and like to entertain your audiences, this tape will make you so happy you won’t be able to stand it, and it is just $55.00.