Strivings Goes to Daycare

The minimalist approach to daycare shows!
Item# : DVD81
Mark Strivings is well-known to mentalists as a performer, inventor, publisher and entrepreneur. He makes his living doing an amazing variety of shows, including dozens of daycare gigs every month. Because he does so many daycare shows, he understands the need for a successful "minimalist" approach. He needs what all of us need - a show that packs small and plays big! And that’s what you’ll see on this program. Applaud his innovation, marvel at his aplomb, and laugh your head off when he does "The Finger Thing". Really, just buy the tape for this bit and you’ll use it in every show. Have a great time and make good money with daycares that ask you back again and again. Order today and you’ll be on your way to a brand new attitude about this wonderful market!
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