Strivings Speaks 1 & 2 - Live in Lecture!

Item# : DVD30
Two great mentalism lectures on one DVD for one low price!

Strivings Speaks #1 will teach you how to do Challenge Name-A-Card, a killer effect that uses two decks and a die; Predict-A-Date, which you may have guessed is an effect in which you successfully predict a date chosen by the spectator; Stupid Mental Tricks, a Lettermanesque comedy mental routine; Lotto Luck, which uses a lottoball prop and shows why you are so rich; and Warm Fuzzies Close-Up, which uses a set of gorgeous props that you can assemble yourself for a buck or two. These effects use props that are either free or very inexpensive and available everywhere. They are all exceptionally easy to do, as all good mentalism is, and will seal your reputation as a mental master. This is practical, performance proven stuff that you will use.

Strivings Speaks #2 will teach you how to do four updated Annemann effects: Par Optic Vision, Seven Keys to Baldpate, Extra-Sensory Perception, and As In a Mirror Darkly. These effects are also explained on Mark's  popular tape,  The Annemann Upgrades #1 - but if you want to see them in a lecture format, you will love this video.
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