The Anneman Upgrades, Vol. I

Classic mentalism effects for today's performer!
Item# : DVD01
Mark Strivings is one of those guys who has been quietly making a good living in magic, supporting the clubs and refining his acts. One of his sources of inspiration is the genius of Theo Annemann, and on this, the first in a series of new videos, The Annemann Upgrades, he takes four classic Annemann effects and upgrades them for today’s audiences and performers. Mark’s formal training is in music and the arts, and this comes through in his sense of timing and presentation. All of the problem areas in Theo’s methods are eliminated, and each effect is refined to a classic piece of mentalism. You’ll learn how to do Mark’s versions of Par Optic Vision, Seven Keys to Baldpate, As in a Mirror Darkly (you’ll gasp at his superb handling and method!), and Extra-Sensory Perception. In each case, Mark uses contemporary materials and presentation considerations to give you reputation makers that you will perform! The price of this great video is just $55.00, The Annemann Upgrades, Vol. I is a tape that you will not only enjoy watching, you’ll actually perform this stuff, and your audiences will thank you for it. Order your copy today!