The Balloon Video

The easy way to make balloons for money!
Item# : DVD02
Two of the most common remarks we hear from performers at lectures and in correspondence are: "I’ve tried to do balloons, but I can’t blow the darn things up" or "I can’t figure it out from the books." You no longer have any excuse! This highly acclaimed fifty-five minute video by Brian Flora, The Balloon Video, covers 15 basic sculptures. This is the easy way to learn a good repertoire of balloon animals, hats, and novelties. The emphasis here is on how to entertain with balloons for above average money. You’ll learn: basic technical matters, including inflation, tying, and pumps; our working set-up; where we carry supplies and how we reduce fumbling; some of our favorite outs, to cover pops and other potential mishaps; plus our method for making the model hot air balloon. Ian Adair told us that he had learned more from watching this video than anything he had ever seen on balloon modeling. In Abra, Donald Bevan said "Definitely recommended for balloon modelers of any degree." If you want the real work on how to do balloons easily for money, this is the tape for you. Combine the information on this tape with our audio release The Balloon Business, and you’ll be on your way to making real money blowing bubbles! The Balloon Video is just $55.00.
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