The Confidence Man Video

Work any audience with this great con-man act!
Item# : DVD07
On The Confidence Man Video, you’ll learn the Invisible Dice Trick, our personal favorite. Docc has been performing this for years, and it knocks the lay crowd out. After playing a game with invisible dice, with hilarious business and lines along the way, you prove that you knew the last roll of the dice, as named by the spectator. There are no switches or anything fishy ù it’s straightforward, direct, and as clean as it can be. You’ll also learn The Jewel Swindle, in which an unsuspecting mark is cheated during a transaction involving a handful of gems, The Con Man Coin, a stand-up coin effect with a killer production finish, The $100,000 Wallet Routine, a no-skill cold decking demonstration, and much more. You’ll also see how Docc has taken the great effects and routined them as a complete con man act. And, you can make up all of the props yourself. Each of these effects will help cinch your reputation as the pro in the know, but as a whole they make up a wonderful program for after-dinner audiences. This is perfect for those smaller association dinners, club functions, and women’s affairs. Learn some great tricks from one of the most charming cons around, Docc Hilford. This fantastic, practical tape is just $55.00.
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