The Daycare Video

Here's the right way to do daycare shows for good money!
Item# : DVD08
David Risley makes his living doing daycare shows, performing hundreds of them a month. If you want to see how to do a first-class daycare show that will have them wanting you back for more, and if you want to tap into this lucrative market, The Daycare Video will make money for you. Many of you already know Dave Risley, either from his many convention appearances or the ACME release on the daycare and preschool market that he did with Docc. This new video doesn’t go into the business aspects as much as it shows you what Dave does to make his living. You’ll get the benefit of his thousands of shows. You’ll learn what to do and what not to do, and you’ll learn how to do it right. You’ll see Dave do a show, and then he’ll explain every little nuance and detail to you. This tape was recorded on location in North Carolina, which may be unimportant to you, but I had a wonderful time! The Daycare Video is just $55.00.
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