The Imagination Magic Show

Item# : DVD44
Easy-to-do, props for pennies, and post-show profits all in one package! We are delighted to release The Imagination Show Video package that shows you not only how to perform this show, it shows you how to theme it three different ways to attract show sponsors, and it includes a device that will let you make extra money after each show. The Imagination Magic Show is a 35 minute educational magic show, suitable for preschool through the lower grades. Using an incredibly clever routine, Docc uses newspaper to take the kids on a world tour, and the only props required are old newspapers! Is that cheap enough for you? This is a high impact show, full of transformations, surprises, and laughs galore. Of course, everything is explained in detail on the video, including how to package the show with different themes to meet the interests of your market. After all, it’s a lot easier to sell them what they want to buy. We have produced a booklet that you can sell to the teachers after each show, which shows them how to do the neat newspaper tricks you did in the show. You get camera-ready copy that you can photocopy and make into booklets. This show is just too good to saturate the market, so we’re producing it as a limited edition. In spite of this, we’re keeping the price down to $75.00 for both the video and the camera-ready 28 page booklet, delivered. This limited edition will sell out fast. If you work for kids in daycares, pre-schools, or elementary schools, and you want something brand new that will help you make more money this year, you need this new release. Don’t wait - order today!
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