The Incredible Dog Food Dish of Death

Add a cool juggling feature to your show!
Item# : DVD46
New, easy laughs and thrills for your shows Welcome to the strange world of The Incredible Dog Food Dish of Death. Witness the bizarre manipulation of objects in a ritual banned by less sophisticated nations around the world. Thrill to the near death experiences of innocent members of the audience. Torture yourself with howls of laughter, and relish the thought that you are among the few who have been a part of this and lived to tell the tale. Yes, dear friends, it is without shame that we present an exclusive video release, The Incredible Dog Food Dish of Death. When we were taught how to do plate spinning and juggling a few years ago by our good friends Jim and Daryl Hobbs, we never imagined that it would become one of the most impressive and requested parts of our family programs. Now, you can use it too! On this video, you’ll learn the correct way to spin a plastic plate on the end of a stick. If this doesn’t make you tingle, consider that you’ll also learn three complete routines using the plate, stick, balloons, and other simple props. You’ll add a new dimension to your show at repeat gigs, and have a new selling point for new clients. We eliminate the frustration experienced by people who use the store-bought sets of stick and plate, and show you the secret to painless plate juggling. You’ll be spinning the thing in minutes, and you’ll learn how to put this simple skill to work in your shows right away. This cool video is just $55.00!