The Martin Technique

Learn to do killer palm readings!
Item# : DVD39
Ron Martin is the author of the most highly-acclaimed book on cold reading ever written, The Tarot Reader’s Notebook. Ron’s readings are fun, witty, and involving, as well as full of tangible hits. He’s a real pro, as anyone who has read his books already knows. While we were in Atlanta recently, we took an afternoon and captured Ron on video, doing a palm reading in an informal setting. He then sat down with us and shared his thoughts on how to read a palm so that the reading really means something to the sitter. We’ve put all of this together in a brand new video, The Martin Technique - Methods for Giving Great Palm Readings. You’ll see Ron give a reading and answer questions, and then you’ll get to sit in as he explains his special method. If you give readings, or if you are a psychic entertainer who uses this kind of material in your act, you need this tape. There is gold here in the details and subtleties. This wonderful technique can be yours for just $55.00 and time spent.
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