The MasterMind Act & Caliostro's Crystal

Two complete mental acts for the price of one!
Item# : DVD28
For our money, there are two people whose creativity has left an indelible mark on the art of mentalism - Ted Annemann and Docc Hilford. On The MasterMind Act & CaliostroÆs Crystal, Mark Strivings gives you complete tutorials on not one but two complete feature acts: AnnemannÆs MasterMind Act, and Docc HilfordÆs CaliostroÆs Crystal. Both acts are classic mental miracles, full of predictions, revelations, and coincidences that simply cannot be explained. Mark performs both acts, and then gives you complete instructions, with some historical information along the way. YouÆll see every step of set-up and preparation, and every performance nuance. This is a wonderful tape. In order to include two complete acts, this tape runs over an hour and a half, but weÆre pricing it as if it were an hour-long video, at $55.00.
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