The Pendulum Video

Item# : DVD16
We are delighted to announce the release of The Pendulum Video by Richard Webster. The topic is the use of the pendulum, and Richard shows you how to use this nifty psychomotor curiosity in readings and effects. We taped Richard doing a classic palm reading enhanced with the pendulum, giving instructions in the use of the pendulum to a layperson, and in the performance of several wonderful mental effects. This video will give you not only physical and psychological techniques, it will also give you ideas for story lines and different styles of presentation. Anyone can demonstrate a pendulum, and get it to do the predictable things in a spectator’s hands, but it takes more than suggestion to elevate the experience to an entertainment. If you would like to use the pendulum to good dramatic effect, Richard will show you how on this video. The Webster Pendulum Video sells for $55.00.
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