The Pitch Video

Make extra money after every show!
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Item# : DVD49
Make extra money after every show! Here is the video with the information about working outdoor shows and pitching that nobody else could produce. Brian Flora and Docc Hilford have teamed up to give you the benefit of their years of working festivals and street venues on this terrific hour-long video, The Pitch Video. You’ll see exactly how to make extra money after every show. In addition to seeing actual pitches, you’ll see how to integrate a pitch with a show, and how to work a festival with nothing more than balloons. You’ll learn how to make The FuzzleÖ, which can be made for about three cents and sold for a buck. You’ll learn how to make the animated match box, and how to sell it with a bonus that squares the tip ù and what that means! You’ll see a FuzzleÖ pitch and a Svengali pitch. You’ll see excerpts from a live outdoor show shot right on location. If the idea of working outdoor venues and pitching magic items to increase your income appeals to you, and you want to see how two of the best in the business do it, you’ll love this tape. A measly $55.00, or about one normal after-show pitch, will get you your very own copy of The Pitch Video.
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