The Shrunken Head Video

Make shrunken head replicas, masks, props and other cool stuff!
Item# : DVD35
How to make shrunken heads, masks, and other cool props! We are always excited about learning new skills and crafts. For instance, we are currently apprenticed to a pipe organ builder, and are in the midst of building a three-rank pipe organ for Casa Flora. No, don’t expect a video on organ building! But, last year, we learned how to do latex rubber slip casting, and used the process to make replica shrunken heads. Hilly agreed to help me do a video on this technique, and this is the result. This process is very simple. As you know from my Punch and Judy Video, I’m not a sculptor by any means, but I can do this! The materials are inexpensive, and we give you mail order sources on the tape. This is the same process used to make prop eggs and other rubber magical props. No baking is required, and you can do it at your kitchen table. When Docc Hilford was here recently, we taught him the process, and he produced a latex Cthulhu while he was here! On the video we show you how to sculpt a model, how to make the mold, and how to produce an endless supply of replicas and decorate them. It’s way cool! You can get your very own copy of this video for just $55.00. Order The Shrunken Head Video today!