The Weerdist On Stage Vol. I

The New Magick at its best!
Item# : DVD37
Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know that some exciting things are happening in the way magic is presented, and one of the people making this happen is Docc Hilford. We have two new videos packed full of the stuff that dreams, both good and bad, are made of. Volume I includes Unleaded Undeaded, a freaky tale of automotive mayhem. Artifacts left at the scene of a spooky murder on wheels are used, with the help of the audience, to prove who done it. You’ll learn how to use a story to grab the audience and make them believe just about any darn thing you want to tell them. The other effect on Volume I is Possessed 1, in which an heirloom manifests the psychic abilities of its former owner. Hearts are stopped, bodies possessed, and strangeness transpires.
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