This Class Blows!

Make money with balloon workshops!
Item# : DVD27
While Terry Parrett was here recently, we taped one of his balloon workshops for an elementary school class. He also put all of the details of how and why on tape, and weÆve got it all on This Class Blows!, a complete tutorial on how to make money with balloon workshops in schools and libraries. You wonÆt believe how easy Terry makes it! Yes, balloons pop when kids handle them, and some kids may be afraid of the noise. But, as youÆll see on the tape, Terry understands kids and knows how to de-fuse this issue right off the bat. YouÆll also see his wonderful original way of teaching the kids how to handle and lock-twist the balloons. Terry teaches as many as eight balloon sculptures during his class, and each kid leaves with his arms full of colorful things - and the parents love it. You will also learn how Terry sells to libraries. His techniques will let you get gigs that the other guys just dream about. How much? Just $55.00.
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