WAM! Walk-Around Mentalism

Item# : DVD34
A brand-new, lucrative market for mentalists! Mark Strivings has done it again. There are literally millions of opportunities to use this material at parties, and youÆll be able to offer a new concept in entertainment - Walk-Around Mentalism. Since most people who have seen mentalism have seen it in the context of either mental magic or the typical lecture/demonstration presentation, this new style of presentation will give their parties the new/novel/unique edge that everyone is looking for. Mark has created combinations of effects and presentation styles that let you perform a mental mini-set for a group of people standing around at a reception, party, bar, or any informal venue. You hit them fast, establish rapport, amaze and entertain them, and move on, leaving them talking about how great you were. Each mini-set can run from four to eight minutes long, and features two or three effects each.  This is hit and run mentalism. It's new and it is hot.  Among the effects you will get are: Predict-A-Date, a prediction of the date on a spectatorÆs coin (duh!). 50-50-50 Chance, based on the old ôguess which hand the coin is inö game. A spectator repeatedly senses which hand contains a coin. ESP For Fun And Profit (not a Richard Webster item!), an ESP card routine in three phases. You Are Psychic (This one is by Richard Webster!) The spectator selects the only card that has writing on it among several blanks. You Have The Power! (by Gene Urban) You turn the party’s host into a psychic. He/she finds a dollar bill hidden under one of several objects. What A Great Out!, a prediction using the spectator’s birth date. And more! Of course, you will  get the incredibly clear and complete explanations and information about each effect for which Mark has become known. If you want the absolutely latest thing in performance art, order Walk-Around Mentalism today. You will be knocked out by what you learn, your audience will simply be knocked out.
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