You won't believe how much money can be made with this.

How to Teach a Magic Class for Kids contains a complete plan for selling, planning, and teaching a one-shot magic class for kids. Here's what David Ginn said about this tape: "There has never been a product in magic like this. If you listen to this 60 minute cassette tape and put what Brian says to work, you will be teaching magic classes to kids, HAVING FUN doing it, and MAKING MONEY at the same time. Worth far more than the price of the tape to the listener who puts it to good use."

Brian covers everything you need to know, including what to teach, how to teach it, where to buy supplies, and how to sell the concept. He also tells you which kids' programs have the money to hire you for this type of gig, and how to get to the decision makers.

For the full-time pro who does kid shows (come on, admit it!), this is an easy and fun way to both add to your income, and get lots of private party work as a result of the class. We have heard from people across the country who are doing as many as two hundred of these classes a year! How to Teach a Magic Class for Kids is a 60 minute tape, with no artificial ingredients or fillers. It is just $17.98. This is one of the easiest ways to make money with magic ever published.

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Magic Class Video No. 1

How to Make Thousands of Dollars a Year Teaching Magic Classes, by Brian Flora

Here is agold mine of information and possibilities Our audio cassette, How to Teach a Magic Class for Kids, is one of the all-time best selling magic tapes. People all over the world have taken the ideas on that tape and made tons of money with them. We know people who have sold hundreds of these gigs a year for several years in a row!

That tape was released in 1987, and is still one of the best bargains in the business. However, we have learned a lot, changed a lot, and gotten hundreds of questions in notes and phone calls. So, it's time for an update or two, and we have produced two new videos. This one is by Brian, and the other is by Dave Risley.

Brian shows and tells you all of the things he has learned from the years of classes he has taught. You'll see the new things he is teaching the kids, how he is structuring the classes, and what he is giving the kids. You'll learn how not to depend on wholesalers for your materials, and how to adapt new materials to your classes.

While Brian is able to charge a nice materials fee for each child in the class, the actual cost per child is pennies. But, the perceived value justifies the fee! You'll see excerpts from actual classes, and see how he handles the kids and what he teaches them. Brian also answers the questions and comments he has gotten over the years. The Magic Class Video #1 costs just $55.00 - less than you'll make from doing just one of these classes

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The easy way to do school shows and make great money

How do you turn a school cafeteria filled with 300-600 kids into a magical theater where both entertainment and learning can take place? How do you truly involve a young audience used to the fast pace of television? How do you troupe a show without straining either your back or your sense of humor?

You'll learn how on this video by Brian Flora, The School Assembly Program. You'll learn the kind of practical, real-world information that comes from having done hundreds of school shows. This tape gives you the kind of information you need to succeed in the school assembly market easily. Brian gives you a complete how-to lesson, including: how to create the feeling of a stage where none exists, how to put together a practical wireless PA system for about $200, how and when to use balloons to warm- up a school audience, how to present each trick in the show, and much more.

If you want to break into the school market, or just become more competitive, this tape will give you the inside information you need to reach your goal. Plus, you'll see how ordinary effects can be scripted and routined into a cohesive education program that both teachers and administrators will appreciate. This 57 minute video was shot on location in schools and in the studio. The cost of The School Assembly Program Video is about one-third of a typical school gig, just $55.00.

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Make extra money after every show

Here is the video with the information about working outdoor shows and pitching that nobody else could produce. Brian Flora and Docc Hilford have teamed up to give you the benefit of their years of working festivals and street venues on this terrific hour-long video, The Pitch Video.

You'll see exactly how to make extra money after every show. In addition to seeing actual pitches, you'll see how to integrate a pitch with a show, and how to work a festival with nothing more than balloons. You'll learn how to make The Fuzzle™, which can be made for about three cents and sold for a buck. You'll learn how to make the animated match box, and how to sell it with a bonus that squares the tip — and what that means!

You'll see a Fuzzle™ pitch and a Svengali pitch. You'll see excerpts from a live outdoor show shot right on location. If the idea of working outdoor venues and pitching magic items to increase your income appeals to you, and you want to see how two of the best in the business do it, you'll love this tape. A measly $55.00, or about one normal after-show pitch, will get you your very own copy of The Pitch Video.

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