Docc Hilford

Innovator, master performer, genius - Docc Hilford has changed the face of mentalism and bizarre magick. He's not just weird, he's Weerd! His simple yet masterful methods and awe-inspiring presentations are all here. Just click on any of these thirteen titles and see for yourself.  And there's even more in the store!

Docc's Perfect Mental Club Act - Docc's Psychic Pitch - Real Mind Reading

Killer Mentalism with Ordinary Cards - A Biased Introduction to Mentalism

Keeping the Center - It's Even Weerder Close-up! - The Cinderella Act

Weerd! - The Weerdist On Stage - Son of Killer Mentalism with Ordinary Cards

Faster Than A Speeding Billet - Susurrus Arcanus

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Knock 'em dead with

Docc's Perfect Mental Club Act

Imagine yourself performing a fast-paced mental show that grabs the audience and holds their attention. If you want to be working comedy clubs, night clubs, or the corporate circuit, this astounding act fills the bill. It is the act that Docc Hilford is working around the country.

Although based on a Q&A act, the act was designed from the ground up for a 90's audience. The late Bascom Jones said that this is the one true way to do a Q&A act! Richard Webster says "This act should sell for $1000.00. There's a living here for the wise performer." If you want to have an act that can be carried in one hand, requires no pre-show work or impression devices of any kind, produces startling hits and completely sells the audience on your abilities as a mind reader, you want this act.

Docc is invariably mobbed by men and women seeking readings after he does this act. Both comedy and drama are built in to the act. You will encounter no surprise questions. From beginning to end, you are in complete control. The Perfect Mental Club Act revolutionizes the mental act, and makes it something people will really want to see. It is commercial in the true sense of the word - people will pay to see it and like what they see.

You'll see Docc in performance, plus a complete tutorial. The entire act is built around three primary components, and you can carry the whole act in a portfolio. This video, which teaches you the entire act, is just $150.00, which is entirely too cheap. That may be why the edition is almost sold out. It is being released in a strictly limited edition, so order your copy before it's too late!

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Make excellent money giving free readings!

Docc Hilford has packaged the essence of the independent showman. He has put together a blueprint for complete performing independence, based on his years of pitching and doing readings. He has taken his experiences and put them together into a package that is unlike anything ever published before: Docc's Psychic Pitch, from Flora & Company.

This package, which includes two videos and all of the printed material needed, is being sold in a limited edition. Here's what Docc has crafted. A person walks up to his joint, gets an immediate personality reading, is told their name, sign, and birthdate. A complete chart is done for them, and then the question most on their mind is answered. And, along the way, they give you money. The pitch is so fine, the reading so accurate, and the experience is so much fun, that they really want to give you their money.

On the first video, you'll see the whole set-up, and you'll see Docc in action with the public at a county fair. You'll see the joint, and watch Docc as he does his thing for lots of different people. On the second video, you'll sit in on a complete tutorial. After a full day, Docc took us back to his motel room, and showed and told the whole story to Dr. Jon Aase. Jon asks the kinds of questions that you would have asked if you had been there. You'll see and hear how and why the pitch works.

Anybody who wants to be an independent showman can do this pitch. The methods are very easy. If you would rather not work fairs, it is also suitable for different venues. All you need is people. Docc's Psychic Pitch, is available to you for just $250.00, while they last. It now includes our exclusive upgrade package   of new joint plans, and a secret report on the kinds of venues that are paying off big - like $2000 per weekend! This upgrade package is a $45.00 bonus. Order today, because the limited edition is almost sold out.

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Learn how to really read peoples' minds

The mindreading demonstrations that Docc teaches you on this new video are so real that you'll be believing them yourself. This is an incredible suite of three effects, designed to be presented in an intimate close-up environment, such as a living room or after a good meal. This is Real Mind Reading.

With no phony psychobabble or mentalistic posing, Docc reads a person's mind not once but three times. He ascertains a playing card that is merely thought of (no deck used, not the AS). He receives a word projected from the person's mind. Last, he psychically duplicates a picture drawn by the person. Yes, there are other methods for these effects, but not that can be used close-up, surrounded, and in close succession with the same person.

This is not just a set of effects. This is a carefully orchestrated suite of killer demonstrations that will make the reputations of those who use them. Want to impress a client or prospect? Want to seal that new trade show deal? Want to never be at a loss again when someone wants a demonstration of what you can do? This tape is the answer.

It's astounding that material of this caliber can be made available so inexpensively, but it is. This is a limited edition tape, but you can have your own copy of Real Mind Reading for just $55.00.

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Killer Mentalism with Ordinary Cards

Docc Hilford has done it again. This new video is based on his acclaimed lecture, during which he wows even the most jaded magicians with killer mental effects, all accomplished using ordinary decks of cards. These routines have been designed so that ESP decks and specially printed cards are not necessary.

On this video you will learn four complete mental routines, see how Docc uses the cards, and get Docc's insights on how to make mental effects both mystifying and entertaining. If you own any of Docc's other tapes, you know that he always delivers the real work. You also know that the fact that he actually performs his effects makes it easy for you to learn.

If you want to add deviously clever routines to your repertoire, as well as get the benefit of Docc's crystal clear thinking, you'll be delighted with this tape. Killer Mentalism With Ordinary Cards is just $55.00.

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A reality check for mentalists

Docc and Brian Flora have teamed up to produce a tape that has been needed in the biz for years.

We convert more people from straight magic to mentalism than any other organization. The first thing a norm says to us is "I'm really intrigued with mentalism, but I know nothing about it." Well, now we can recommend this tape!

This is an overview tape that is designed to let you see the options that are currently being exploited, and hopefully motivate you to open up some new venues and breathe some life into the field! Docc and Brian have included enough controversial ideas that even the experienced worker will get something from the tape. Please don't step in the sacred cow blood.

You can have your very own copy of A Biased Introduction to Mentalism for just $55.00.

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