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"I couldn’t believe it! I got my Silk Screen Printing DVD just yesterday, and today I printed my first batch of T-shirts.
They’re gorgeous."

Caroline from Florida


If you have ever wanted to:
Print T-shirts for your family, school, team, or company
Print your own designs for art sales
Make extra money by printing signs, apparel, or novelties
Promote your business by printing your own advertising materials
we will show you how to do to it!

The Silkscreen Printing DVD

We started silkscreen printing in the early 1970’s, when we worked for a small radio station that had lots of plans but no promotional budget. We wanted to print t-shirts and use them to promote some new shows that we were programming. We found a few books in the library that were of no practical help. All of the references were to commercial equipment and way out of our price range.

So, we went around to the various screenprint shops in the town, and just hung out, asking questions. We had a few shops make screens for us, and as they did it, we watched and learned. But, the way they were doing it was tedious and time consuming. There had to be a better way, one that we could do either at home or in the small back room at the radio station.

To make a very long and not terribly interesting story short, over a period of about five years we learned about the special materials that made screen making easy, and we adapted the professional shop methods to our own home use. We put together what we needed on a shoestring, and have been screenprinting ever since.

From t-shirts to banners, decals to posters, binders to bumperstickers, we’ve printed them all and made money doing it. And now, we’ve taken over twenty year’s of experience in home-based silk screen printing and put everything we know on DVD.

The Silkscreen Printing Video!

From how to prepare your artwork to making your own screens right at home, from building your own printing frame to actually printing, you’ll learn everything you need to know on this professionally produced DVD. The scenes were actually shot right in our home office, showing you the way we make screenes and print stuff every day.

Everything is explained in plain English, and everything is shown in detail on the
Silk Screen Printing DVD. You’ll learn how to print on just about any flat surface,
in color, right at home. This is so easy to do that we have even had elementary school children printing their own posters and shirts using our methods.

You will also get a bonus copy of our Silkscreen Printing Workbook. The Workbook explains how to start your own home business doing screen printing, shows you how to prepare artwork by hand or on a computer, and gives you lists of supplies and suppliers around the country.

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Low cost, high return
There’s no expensive machine to buy. We show you how to put together your own inexpensive printing outfit. Using our methods, you’ll be making beautiful printed pieces for pennies each, in no time at all. We believe that there is no other printing technique that is so easy to learn and so much fun to do. You can be doing it too! All you need is The Silk Screen Printing DVD.

 A fun, easy, and satisfying home craft
Learn a new skill that will make working with just about any art or craft more enjoyable. Whether you are interested in a new home-based business, a way of distributing your own art, or a way of duplicating your original designs for needlecrafts or fabric arts, The Silk Screen Printing DVD is what you need.

 Professional methods adapted for home use
You’ll learn how to use the newest materials and methods that make printing at home easy and fun. We have refined the process, and share everything we know with you on the Silk Screen Printing DVD. You’ll also get a list of supplies and suppliers. Between the DVD and the bonus workbook, we cover everything you need to know. It’s easy to understand and fun to do.



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