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Silk Screen Printing DVD


Do I get any equipment? No, not at this price! However, the workbook that accompanies the DVD gives you sources of supplies by mail-order, if they are not available in your town. The book also includes plans for the t-shirt printing setup we use, materials for which are available from any lumber yard.

Does the DVD show how to make my own screens? Yes. The DVD shows you everything you need to know, from preparing artwork and making the screen to actually printing items.

Can I print multi-color designs? Not easily. If you want to print full-color or tightly-registered multi-color designs, you will need an expensive multi-color press. With our instructions, you can print multicolor designs such as the banner on our samples page, but not tightly registered color designs.

What kind of ink does this system use? It depends on what kind of material you want to print on. If you want to print on t-shirts, you will use a fabric ink. If you want to print on binders, you will use a vinyl ink, etc.

Do you teach me how to use the rubbery inks that I see everywhere? No. You are thinking of Plastisol™ inks, which are rubbery and sit mostly on the surface of the fabric. These inks are widely used, but they require special drying equipment that is very expensive. The other personal reasons that we do not use them are that they block the fabric, making the wearer sweat, and after many washings they tend to crack and peel. The ink we use on fabric is a dye that becomes part of the fabric, allows it to breathe, and lasts as long as the fabric itself.

Is the printing permanent? Yes, if you use the correct type of ink for the materials on which you are printing. For instance, we have t-shirts that we printed fifteen years ago and which have been washed hundreds of times that still look great!

Can I re-use the screens for other designs? Yes, it is possible to recycle the screens, but most people prefer to keep them on file for repeat printing. The screens cost only about $20-30 to make.


In this scene from the DVD,
your instructor shows you how to prepare a screen for printing.


Can I use artwork that I have designed on my computer? Absolutely. We show you how to make designs that will print well, and how to prepare them for printing.

How much space do I need? This is strictly a table-top process. We started on our kitchen table. The video is shot with the t-shirt press on an ordinary folding work table. The only additional space you will need is somewhere to put the screened items while they dry. For instance, we usually hang our t-shirts on an outside clothesline while they dry.

Can I print light colors on black or dark backgrounds. Yes, if you use the right inks. We do not cover using the rubbery fabric inks used by commercial printers to print on dark fabrics, because they require expensive curing equipment. You can print on dark fabrics using water-based inks. These inks air-dry, but may require heat setting. They also require a screen material that is water-resistant.


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