How to make a great living in Show Business

All of these releases are by people who make their executive-level livings as full-time entertainers. They know how to run their show businesses the right way - low overhead, maximum fun and money. You can do it too! Just click on any of these titles for the whole story!

The Master Marketing Manual - Selling Your Act

Professional Theatrics for Performers - Making a Living After Dinner

Selling and Playing the Outdoor Show - The Magic Money Machine

Marketing for Mentalists and Psychics - The Magic Marketing Update Series

The Magic Business Video - How to Routine Entertaining Magic - The Lost Tapes

How to Make Extra Money from Your Ideas - Getting More than Cash

Advanced Techniques for Entertaining Magic - How to Make Cassettes That Sell

How to Make Money with Psi Parties

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When you decide to go pro, we have the handbook.

There comes a time when a performer has to decide whether to make the change from hobbyist to professional, or lay on the couch and let others have the fun and make the money. If you have decided that you want to get serious about the business of show business, only one book can give you the professional marketing techniques that will make it happen, The Master Marketing Manual. Every technique you need to succeed in the business of show business is right here.

If you want to make a living from performing, you need this book. The Master Marketing Manual is a planning and resource guide for entrepreneurial performers. If you need to be shown the different performing venues that exist, this book is not for you. If, on the other hand, you want the tools that will sell your act in any situation, this is the book you need. You’ll get the real story on how to succeed as a performer. There is no filler, no padding, just page after page of the real stuff, from one of the top marketing consultants in the country. This book gives you access to the same expertise that was previously available only to corporations and professionals, under retainer contracts. You’ll learn how to create graphics that sell, how to get where you want to go with your performing career, and how to put professional business methods to work for you.

As the late Bascom Jones said during a lecture at one of our conferences, the most neglected thing in show business is the business part. That’s why we wrote this book. We wanted to give you the background you need to give your show business career a solid foundation of proven business techniques in sales and marketing. If you’re not getting the gigs, the rest of your performing goals won’t happen. This book tells you how to get the shows. Pros around the world are using the ideas in this book!

Leo Boudreau wrote to say: "During a lifetime of reading business books, I can’t think of a better source of sensible, hands-on business advice. I’m going through it a second time, and still discovering gold. What a great job! It will give my own enterprise a boost, and I can’t thank you enough for that."

A full-time pro in the Mid-west writes to say: "I was in trouble this year. I came into January with not one single show booked. With hard work, re-writing everything to line up with your book, I have booked thousands of dollars worth of shows. It’s just fantastic. Brian, there is no way I can say thank-you."

If you want the real world story on how business is done, how sales are made, and how the big ticket deals are sold, here it is. You can put this information to work in your career today. Order The Master Marketing Manual for just $75.00.

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If you’re so psychic, then why aren’t you rich?

Armed with the information on this tape, any competent reader or mentalist could make an above average living. On this tape, Marketing for Mentalists & Psychics, professional mentalists and psychics Richard Webster, Ian Ross, and others tell you the exact techniques they use to book shows and private readings.

Among the topics we discuss are phone work, how to get people to read your mailings, video demos, filling in the dead time with readings, the $10,000 flyer that didn’t work, self-promoting shows, how to use the press, and more. This is the sort of real world information that is seldom shared by any professional, let alone busy and successful pros.

Martin Breese of London said: "This tape really does provide you with information that usually takes years to accumulate, often by painful experience. You could save yourself a lot of money by listening to this tape." If you want to increase your schedule of shows or readings, and get more shows from fewer contacts with prospects, this tape will help you reach your goals.

There is no pie-in-the-sky here — just ninety minutes of solid, professional techniques. Marketing for Mentalists and Psychics is just $17.98

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Live the dream of complete freedom and craziness

All of us in magic have had the same dream. If you’ve read Robert-Houdin’s autobiography, you’ve dreamt of living on the road, making a living with your wits and your magic, a care-free soul, going where and when you want to, really free. Go on — admit it!

Docc Hilford lived the dream for four years. He proved that you really can make it as an itinerant conjurer, even in the twentieth century. On this exclusive audio tape, The Lost Tapes, he not only regales you with his tales of the road, he also gives you solid, proven techniques that you can use, whether you do readings, close-up, or kid shows.

This letter from the road is more than just a ball to listen to, it’s a one-of-a-kind journal of real world craziness that we all imagine but seldom experience. The Lost Tapes is just $17.98.

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How to succeed in show business

Here’s what people are saying about our Magic Business Video: "I wish that this tape had been available when I was starting out, but now that I have been performing for many years, I’m glad that it’s out now. I know that I need an occasional review of the basics, and the fact that you have brand new ideas on the tape as well makes it doubly valuable."

"Your new video about the business end of magic is worth hundreds of times the small cost. The updated information about working with cable systems has already worked for us. I had not heard anything about this stuff before. Thanks for making this tape available to the trade."

"I think that I have every tape you have produced, and your new business video is one of the best. You have a real knack for cutting through the bull and telling it the way it is."

From the basic tools you need to succeed as an entrepreneurial entertainer, through advanced techniques and selling concepts, it’s all here. You’ll see the tools that we use to run our business, and learn the newest techniques for owning your market. We have included techniques that we use every day to get more shows than the competition, look more professional than the competition, and make more money than the competition.

Let’s face it. If the techniques on this tape result in just one extra show this year, it has more than paid for itself, and we know that it will do much more than that if you use the information. This tape sells for $55.00. Order your copy today.

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Conquer phone fear and make more money

Brian has touched on phone selling in several earlier tapes, most notably Magic Marketing Update #1. In response to requests from so many of you who wrote and wanted more complete information, he has produced this comprehensive tape, The Magic Money Machine.

Have you ever dreaded picking up the phone to sell shows, or hated to deal with the ignorant folks on the other end? Does it seem that the only person who understands the value of your show is you? Is it really true that nobody has any money, especially not for your show? Is that what’s got you down, Binky? Well, hold your head up high. Here are the answers, all on one easy to take audio tape.

Brian deals with call reluctance, and teaches you the professional phone techniques you need to make your phone time pay off. Brian has taught hundreds of people how to make money selling their shows on the phone, and you can profit from these ideas right away. Once you understand the psychology of the phone, and master a few easy techniques, you’ll look forward to your phone selling time.

Brian gives you everything you need to sell your act on the phone easily and successfully. All of this professional information can be yours for just $24.98. Face it - you’ll pay for the tape with the first show you sell! How’s that for a bargain!

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Excel in the after-dinner performance field

Kirk Charles is well-known for his books on working restaurants and walk-around. This full-time pro also makes a substantial percentage of his living in magic working banquet or after-dinner gigs. On Making a Living After Dinner, Kirk gives you the whole story on how to find prospective shows and sell them, how to select and routine effects for this type of show, and how to work these jobs professionally.

On this tape, you’ll hear: how to structure your show, essential elements for after-dinner work, how to customize material for clients, how to promote and sell to this lucrative market, how to deal with individual and organizational requirements, and how to work a show, from arrival to getting the check.

There is more work of this kind, in every market, than any performer could possibly do. If you want to get top dollar and make your reputation working for private clients who are willing to pay for the best, you need this tape. Making a Living After Dinner is just $17.98.

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