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If making the inanimate appear alive, making your own show, or learning how to print at home appeals to you, you came to the right page. Click away, and find material available nowhere else.

How to Make Fur Animals Look Really Alive - The Silk Screen Printing Package

The Puppet Video - How to Build and Perform Your Own Punch & Judy Show

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Bring dead animals back to life!

Well, not really. This new video by Bev Dowling will show you how to make fur animals, like the popular raccoon, the little white fur mouse, and even fur puppets from the toy store, look like they are really alive.

The instructions that come with these beasts are woefully inadequate. It’s impossible to teach the timing and types of moves in print. You’ll see segments of Bev’s sell-out lecture, plus you’ll get to sit in with Docc Hilford and Bev in a private convention lesson on re-animation. You’ll also get more ideas on how to integrate your favorite beast into your act from Brian.

When you see Bev work her fur puppets you would swear that they are really alive, and she teaches you her secrets on How to Make Fur Animals Look Really Alive. Order yours today for just $55.00, and start having more fun than is legal in twenty-nine States.

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Promote your act and make extra money

The Silk Screen Printing DVD may seem to be a strange title to find in a catalog of materials for entertainers, but this information can work for you in a number of wonderful and profitable ways. When you order this item, what you’ll get is an hour-long DVD and a workbook — it’s multimedia!

The DVD is a complete course in our own little method of state-of-the-art screen printing. The book has all of the other information, like how to prepare graphics, how to price things, and supply sources. This package, like all of our materials, is as complete as we could make it. We show you how to use the newest photographic materials to make high quality screens right at home, with no noxious chemicals or expensive equipment.

Why screen printing? We learned how to do this when we were in radio. By learning how to do it ourselves, we found that we could print a couple of hundred shirts in an evening for about a buck and a half each. When we showed our work to the shows’ sponsors, they wanted us to do shirts for them too. We found that we could charge relatively high prices on small quantity jobs that the big screen printers didn’t want to mess with. Is this a great country or what?

We still use this easy technique to print promo materials for our shows and tapes, including t-shirts, tote bags, and posters. Now you can learn how to do this too, for just $55.00 for the DVD and the supplemental workbook.

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Either learn how to use that sock, or put it down!

Here is a first-class lesson on how to give a simple hand puppet real personality, The Puppet Video DVD. Lots of people have the rabbit in the hat puppet, but Dave Risley’s routine is the best I have ever seen. It is so good that I made the trip to North Carolina just to produce this tape.

You’ll see Dave perform his killer routine for kids, and then sit in as he tells you exactly how to get the kind of laughs he gets. The kids (and adults) love this routine, and they always want to know if he has brought the rabbit with him. Dave’s philosophy is brilliant in its simplicity. It’s the kind of thing that makes you slap yourself and say "Why didn’t I think of that?"

This act has been honed by literally thousands of performances. It just clicks. As I watched him perform through the viewfinder, I found myself responding to the silly rabbit puppet as if it were a person. I know, I tend to be easily amused, but I really think that this is one of the most useful videos we have ever produced for the family entertainer.

If you want to put this kind of reputation making routine in your show, here’s your chance. Lots of pros use Dave’s approach, and so can you. The Puppet Video DVD is just $55.00.

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The easy way to make and do a Punch and Judy Show

Doc Dougherty called and said that watching our new Punch and Judy program was "like watching The Bizarre Discovery Channel - very entertaining." This DVD shows you everything you need to know about this wonderful specialty act.

We show you how to make the puppets, how to make a portable punch booth, and how to script your own original show. We show you what a swazzle is, and where to throw it away. You’ll even learn some of the secrets of Tony Andruzzi’s Bizarre Punch and Judy Show!

We have included a full list of all materials needed. We built our entire outfit, including puppets, props, and stand, for less than $150.00. We are hardly trained sculptors, but our puppets have been raved about, and we’ll show you how to make your very own set for just a few bucks.

While appreciating and maintaining much of the traditional P&J presentation, we don’t approach the show from the perspective of historical preservation. Rather, we prefer to adapt it to our needs, and we show you how to do that too. The whole premise is too much fun to get stodgy and stuffy about it! How to Build and Perform A Punch and Judy Show is just $55.00.

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